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First, you may want to know if this research site is authorized or just an unofficial site. The answer is "This research site is totally authorized by Sports Interactive (SI)", that is the official developer of Football Manager series. You can try to run your Football Manager  and click into the "Option -> Research Credit" page and you can discover that the link of this site is also listed over there.

If you have successfully become an official research assistant of Football Manager, all your data will be used by the game published by SI directly. Please support the official data researching! Thank you!

Malaysian League will still be playable in Football Manager series. In order to make the data and information more accurate, we would like to invite any FM fans who are interested and familiar with Malaysian League to be volunteers and provide data for the Malaysian League.

For any subscribers who can qualify to be research assistants, their names will be credited in the coming FM series.

- Apply to be Team Research Assistant
- Apply to be Malaysian League players appearances & goals research assistant
Our Research Team


- To be team research assistant

Anyone who is interested to be research assistant please have a check if there is a vacancy of your club first. If there is no body taking in charge of your most familiar team, please email to me and provide the following info.

1) Your name
2) The club you want to take in charge
3) The email address you used most


After we have received your application, a specific tool created by Sport Interactive & a Player Text File of your club will be sent to you. You will be given 6 days to finish the data.

Important Notes
If you have qualified, you will become the official team research assistant and your name will be credited in the coming version of Football Manager. All FM players all over the world will know about your contribution to the game. 

Besides, about 1 to 3 months time, you are required to update the data once and you also need to provide the latest news such as player transfers, injuries etc of your researched club.

Malaysian Super League Teams
All Super League teams are recruiting new researchers
Malaysian Premier League Teams
All Premier League teams are recruiting new researchers
Malaysian FAM Cup Teams
All FAM Cup teams are recruiting new researchers

To be other kinds of Research Assistants

If you are familiar with the following data, you can choose to be responsible for the following data also.

- Malaysian League players appearances & goals research assistant

If you are can provide information about Malaysian Super League and Premier League players apps & goals data, you are welcome to be research assistant as well.

Please download the documents below if you have the data on your hand. Once you have finished, simply email back to me ( Please remember to tell me your name as well so that I can credit you in the coming version of Football Manager.

Team apps and goals form (sorted by person)
Team apps and goals form (sorted by club & season)
(you are NOT required to fill in both, only one is needed)


Our Research Team